Book Jeff Perera

Bring Jeff Perera, a Community Engagement Manager for White Ribbon, to your organization, community or campus space for an engaging multimedia talk, discussion or session about new ideas of manhood, how we create ideas of gender and how it affects our lives and relationships!

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Watch Jeff’s TEDx talk  ‘The Ladder of Manhood’ from TEDxYorkU 2014: A meditation on the shrinking circle of violence, the pursuit of identity and healthy vs. toxic masculinity.   lead too many men to be fluent in the language of violence. 

Jeff at TEDxYorkU 2014



Watch Jeff’s 2010 TEDx talk ‘Words Speak Louder Than Actions’ exploring the impact we all make.



Rehtaeh Parsons and Enthusiastic Consent - White Ribbon

Listen to Jeff on CBC’s Metro Morning Toronto talk about inspiring men and boys to speak in a language of consent


To watch Jeff on Kevin Newman live, click on the picture to go to the site. Then select ‘last’ amongst the pages of the video links , and then select the ‘it’s Day 2…’ link. You will then see the ‘Kevin Newman Live: Part two’ link to the interview segment with Jeff!



Jeff featured in : ‘Please Be That Guy! 7 Men Who Are Transforming Masculinity

White Ribbon survey on Men's attitudes and behaviours toward violence against women

Jeff talks about White Ribbon’s work re:  ‘The importance of working with men and boys to end violence against women’ via Legal Aid Ontario




Unpacking the Man Box
– A multimedia presentation and interactive talk where Jeff explore how we create ideas of gender, masculinity using the formula “Manhood = Proving you are not a Woman” as we look at how that impacts men & boys and how they can become part of a change for all of us! (also: ‘Unpacking the Man Box: A Masculinity & Sports talk’)

The Gender of Success and Failure
– We have assigned a gender to the concepts of success and failure: defining masculine traits as those of success and have feminized ideas of failure, Bring Jeff to deliver his talk on how these concepts (i.e. the fear of ‘striking out’, valuing domination and devaluing connection) impact us from the boardroom, to the classroom to the dating scene.

How Homophobia impacts Heterosexual Dudes / Hetero Male Athletes too
– A multimedia chat over video clips and stories, on how Homophobia plays a role in the lives of Straight peoples/Hetero Male Athletes too! Let’s explore how we need to shift and transform a culture where we are all policed into harmful and limiting ideas around gender and sexuality. We will identify the connection between homophobia, toxic-masculinity and sexism, and how together we can make inclusive spaces where everyone, regardless of gender or sexual identity, can reach their full potential!

Portraits of Masculinity
–  An interactive presentation where Jeff guides us through discussions in response to a series of video clips from classic and iconic television shows and films demonstrating various portrayals of manhood and masculinity.


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or interactive multimedia presentation

About Jeff Perera

Jeff Perera is a Community Engagement Manager for the White Ribbon Campaign, the world’s largest effort to engage men and boys in re-imaging masculinity and helping end violence against women. Jeff speaks to people from all walks of life (from organizations to community spaces to grade school, high school and post-secondary students) about how society’s unattainable concepts of masculinity are effecting men and boys as well as impacting women and girls.  Jeff also started Higher Unlearning, the online space to explore how ideas of gender and masculinity play out in everyday life.

With appearances on television (CTV News Channel), radio (CBC Metro Morning) or print (Toronto’s Metro News)  Jeff is the director of the annual discussion-focused ‘What Makes a Man’ White Ribbon Conference and was event director for the first TEDxWomen event in Toronto, Canada. Jeff was named to Racism Free Ontario’s Top 100 Person of Colour list spotlighting anti-racism activists.  Jeff’s awareness-raising initiatives to create inclusive spaces for people of all walks of life have earned him numerous human rights & equity awards.

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Be A Man - White Ribbon

Now in over 60 countries, the White Ribbon Campaign is the world’s largest effort to engage men in ending violence against women.

Follow @whiteribbon on Twitter
Visit the White Ribbon Campaign website


**Other examples of Jeff’s work**

Jeff on how the silence of men contributes to a culture of violence

Jeff talks to Illuminessence Magazine about life without gendered boundaries

 At the Canadian Network of Women’s Shelters & Transition Houses first national conference 

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