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Listen to a warm conversation Jeff had with Jane Clapp on the ‘Clapp with Jane’ podcast on our true nature surfacing with the realities of today, men learning to listen to their bodies, name what they are feeling, and channel anger versus become violent with those we are in isolation with during the COVID19 pandemic.

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Jeff joined The Unshakable Man podcast to talk about his Huffington Post piece ‘Telling Male Friends ‘I Love You’ Is A Muscle Guys Need To Flex Every Day.’ “…we explore male to male intimacy, the importance of developing community by leading with vulnerability, the measure of a man today, and what we can do to be better men for ourselves and our communities.”

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Jeff joined the AfterGLOW Podcast to talk about men acknowledging the endless work women do, support and leadership they endlessly offer us, how men can have women’s back, and how we can encourage men towards continued growth and change! Listen on iTunes, Spotify, or here!

Jeff joined the Front Row Dads podcast for a conversation about the ‘True Measure of a Man’, discussing his personal journey and experiences growing up, and how our actions impact other people, especially our children.


Jeff joined college coach Kip Ioane of Teams of Men and the Cross the Streams Podcast to discuss coaching young men and men, being a good note taker as a student of Life, men striving to be allies, and men helping men build emotional muscle

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Listen to Jeff Perera on the Awoken Word podcast for a wide-ranging chat about childhood, men and manhood, violence, racism, courageous conversation in heated political climates. In an era of divides, they discuss how building bridges between us starts with building bridges within us. (Available wherever you listen to podcasts!)


Click to listen to Jeff join a CBC ‘The Sunday Edition’ panel to discuss the conversations men can have together around accountability and change.


Listen to Part 2 of Jeff’s conversation
on the Modern Manhood podcast
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Shame MM

Catch Part 1 of Jeff’s conversation on Modern Manhood 
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Modern Manhood Pt 1


Listen to Jeff talk on the Soul Unexpected podcast about ways men can show up in relationships and their own lives, and be the lesson in action!