About Higher Unlearning

This is an urgent conversation we need to have, one that men and young men are hungry to have. This is the space to explore that discussion. Honest, real talk about us as men, and what exciting, inspiring ideas of being a man can look like for all of us.

Higher Unlearning is an online space to explore our climb up the Ladder of Manhood and what it means to be a man today. We hope to provide a brave space where we can discuss everyday situations and scenarios, ask those questions, share our worries and fears, and lean into our discomfort where the real learning and unlearning happens.

We will go there, let’s go there together.


For more info: higherunlearningmagazine@gmail.com


One comment

  1. I absolutely LOVE this space! Not to mention the title Higher Unlearning is genius (I must say the movie ‘higher learning’ was a game changer for me in my youth too!) All the best to all of you and here’s to boundless, fluid identities;)

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