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Jeff joined Dan of Dan Mahle Consulting for this warm conversation exploring “the pitfalls, paradoxes, and possibilities of engaging and including men meaningfully” in creating inclusion and belonging in the workplace for everyone.

Read the viral February Opinion piece jeff perera wrote for Huffington Post: ‘Telling Male Friends ‘I Love You’ Is A Muscle Guys Need To Flex Every Day’ looking at men learning to nurture rituals of showing love to the men in their life.

30% Club Canada and Women of Influence named jeff perera a Champion of Change.
Read their article ‘How Jeff Perera is using support — rather than shame — to guide men towards a new idea of manhood’


Watch Jeff’s second TEDx talk  ‘The Ladder of Manhood’ a meditation on the shrinking circle of violence, the pursuit of identity, healthy vs. toxic masculinity, and how too many men are fluent in the language of violence. 

Watch Jeff’s first TEDx talk Words Speak Louder Than Actions exploring the power of our words, the impact we all make, and the impact we CAN make!

Jeff wrote this piece for Huffington Post to discuss ways men can move past our roadblocks and fears in striving to be an ally, and work towards social change, racial justice, and gender equality. Men can go from trying to always fix, and learn to listen and help when the time is right, going from ‘I got this’ to ‘I got you’.


Jeff talked to Robyn Doolittle for her book ‘Had It Coming: What’ Fair in the Age of #MeToo?’

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Click to watch Jeff join TV Ontario’s ‘The Agenda’ for a panel discussion on the film ‘A Better Man’, and men and accountability amidst conversations of domestic abuse, sexual assault and harassment.

Watch Jeff join Global’s The Morning Show to discuss manhood and violence against women in sports culture after the NFL’s Ray Rice incident.


Sporting News Quote

Jeff talks to The Sporting News about outdated vs new
ideas of masculinity showing up on and off the field.


Click to read Jeff’s guest column for Metro News Canada Daily
on men showing up to be a part of change in the era of #MeToo

Metro Canada article quote

Higher Unlearning presents HOW TO FIGHT by Carlos Andrés Gómez.  Video by Dennis Lieu.

Men and boys worldwide are caught in cycles and storms that leave us speaking to one another in a language of violence… let’s start something.

Listen to Jeff talk on the Soul Unexpected podcast about ways men can show up in relationships and their own lives, and be the lesson in action!


Some of Jeff’s other media appearances!

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