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Bring Jeff Perera to deliver an engaging multimedia talk, discussion or session for your organization, community or campus space. Book Jeff to inspire conversations around new ideas of manhood, striving to be a better man, and how ideas of gender impact us where we work, live, study, play, or worship!

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Watch Jeff’s latest TEDx talk  ‘The Ladder of Manhood’ a meditation on the shrinking circle of violence, the pursuit of identity, healthy vs. toxic masculinity, and how too many men are fluent in the language of violence. 


Watch Jeff’s first TEDx talk Words Speak Louder Than Actions exploring the power of our words, the impact we all make, and the impact we CAN make!


Jeff featured in : ‘Please Be That Guy! 7 Men Who Are Transforming Masculinity

Click to hear Jeff on CBC’s ‘The Current’ re: Male leaders taking responsibility for their behaviour vs dismissing it with ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ rhetoric

Hear Jeff on CBC Radio’s ‘The Current’ discuss the role men and young men can play to help end violence against women

About Jeff Perera

Jeff has spoken to tens of thousands of people from all walks of life (from organizations and community spaces, to grade school, high school, college and university students) on how society’s unattainable and warped concepts of masculinity are effecting men and boys as well and impacting women and girls.  He has delivered two TEDx talks on Masculinity and men’s troubled pursuits of identity: Words Speak Louder Than Actions and The Ladder of Manhood. Jeff started Higher Unlearning as an online space to explore how ideas of gender and masculinity impact us in everyday life.

Jeff previously worked at White Ribbon, founded the annual ‘What Makes a Man’ Conference and was event director for the first TEDxWomen event in Toronto, Canada. He was named to Racism Free Ontario’s Top 100 Person of Colour list spotlighting anti-racism activists.

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