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Check out short videos and the ‘Behind the Masc’ video series by jeff perera of Higher Unlearning, looking at a variety of topics related to men and manhood today. Let’s get Behind the Masc!

Men and young men today are struggling for ways forward in everyday moments. Men and young men seek leadership: mentors and examples of ways forward. The problem is when men lean to a harmful guru versus voices who offer us inner tools to help us find our way.

Here is a small helpful tool for men and young men: The Inner Compass for Men.

Watch jeff’s ‘Being a great man doesn’t have to come at the expense of being a good man’.

Jeff had to do it. Jordan Peterson did it. He said if you don’t fit into a tidy, plain, regular label instantly upon first meeting, he doesn’t want to interact with you. Oh. Your loss I guess?

Let’s talk about why being a person who others can feel comfortable sharing and confiding details with, and being someone who values others for who they are, is important. Watch here.

When it comes to men helping end gender based violence, and creating helpful vs harmful traditions of manhood: jeff perera of Higher Unlearning talks about the Kindergarten lesson many of us forgot. Jeff shows us how these gardening lessons can help us in inviting and inspiring men to become the lesson in action.

Saying ‘9 out of 10 men are good men’ feels good to ‘good men’, but is it good enough?

For men working (professionally or in your everyday life) to inspire other men to help end gender-based violence: we tend to use language like ‘it’s one out of ten men’ or “those men” that cause the harm, while the rest of us are ‘good men’ who need to do something about it. Saying ‘9 out of 10 men are good men’ feels good to ‘good men’, but is it good enough?

In his latest ‘Behind The Masc’ video for Higher Unlearning, Jeff Perera suggests to men trying to be good men, rather than say “those men” (or shades of ‘not all men’) let’s say “we as men”.

Why do Men have a hard time accepting help, especially from other men? Why do we feel pressure to be the solution, and that our value is in always being able to fix or solve a problem. Men can learn to be a helper versus a fixer, as well as accept help from other men.

In learning to help in a way that is needed, instead of what we think needs to be done, we can go from “I Got This” to “I Got You”. The latest in jeff perera’s ‘Behind The Masc’ series for Higher Unlearning. Let’s go Behind the Masc!

Why Men Need to Talk About Emotional PPE

Just like Men have layered up in personal protective equipment, we can respect how women and non-binary folks layer up emotional protection as well, whether online or in-person. Jeff share thoughts with fellow cis-hetero guys on takeaways from the COVID-19 pandemic that we can apply to our everyday interactions.

Men: Let’s talk about #EmotionalPPE​. Let’s go Behind The Masc!

Thoughts for Men on Success and Failure

Sometimes our ideas of failure as men get in the way of achieving success as a human being. Jeff shares some of his favourite quotes as well as thoughts on getting out of our own way when it comes to finding success in our relationships and goals in life.

Handling Conflict from Clubhouse to the Super Bowl!

In the first of his ‘Behind The Masc’ series, jeff talks about men handling moments of tension that arise in everyday situations. It takes courage for someone to call us in and discuss a comment we made. Am I approachable, or create a vibe that welcomes a difficult conversation? How do we offer someone feedback or suggestions on their behaviour or comments that might not be initially received well? How do I support someone who is speaking up? Let’s go Behind The Masc and talk about it!