Image by Valentina Ramos

Fear and Joy were having an argument

In the kitchen of my heart

Fear did not want to let Trust in

Joy was convinced it was the right thing to do

Fear wasn’t so sure

Sadness pointed out how things like this tend to end up

Trust waited patiently outside

She waited

Fear said to Joy ‘Everytime you and Trust get together, you know what happens’

Joy said to Fear ‘Everytime you and Trust get together, it allows us to move on’

Longing listened from behind the door

Lust was too busy melting chocolate to be bothered

Anger then woke up

came downstairs

Everyone always got awkward and quiet whenever Anger came in the room

no one ever listened to what he had to say

so he was always raising his voice

so he was always breaking something

which is just what he did

Surprise finally stopped teasing Anticipation and said

‘why don’t we just listen to what Anger is trying to say?’

So everyone stopped and listened

Anger dropped the dish he was about to smash

quieted down

and took Fear and Joy by the hand

walked them to the door

and said

let her in.


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