Gardening Tips for Men to Grow Change

In his latest video* jeff perera reminds us of a Kindergarten lesson many of us forgot: a lesson which is helpful in inspiring men to help end gender based violence, and create helpful versus harmful traditions of manhood. Jeff also discuss some other gardening lessons that can help us in inviting men to become the lesson in action.

*Originally a video for the Gender Equality Coalition of Ontario 2021 Conference. The conference came shortly after a string of horrific sexual assaults before the start of the academic year at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. Sexual assaults during orientation, as well as throughout the year, are sadly an ongoing tradition of harm in post-secondary spaces around the world.


about jeff perera
Since 2008 jeff perera has spoken to tens of thousands of people of all genders across North America about healthy versus harmful ideas of manhood, striving to be allies, and how we as men can be the lesson in action.


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