Your Emotions Are Notifications. What Are They Telling You?

Check out jeff’s blog post for Captains & Poets inviting men to consider our range of emotions that pop up daily as notifications. What are you doing with your emotion notifications?


about jeff perera
Since 2008 jeff perera has spoken to tens of thousands of people of all genders across North America about healthy versus harmful ideas of manhood, striving to be allies, and how we as men can be the lesson in action.


Captains & Poets is a ground-breaking Kindergarten to Grade 12 curriculum rooted in a human agenda at a time when our world needs to ignite a renewed commitment to leadership, community, and connection. Our programming is designed to show people the value of being their whole, authentic selves so they can accept and embrace others in the same spirit. Our mission is to ignite self-awareness, well-being and connection by supporting educators with tools that give young people the skills they need to help them thrive in an ever-changing world.


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